How Are You Coping with the Economic Downturn? Be a part of a film!

I mentioned a few months ago a fantastic opportunity to be interviewed for a documentary. Well they've already created one award winning film (check it out here) and are working on the second ... They are conducting interviews this month, check out the details below and be sure to contact them with your interest!


We are a San Francisco-based team of filmmakers producing a short documentary that explores how the economic downturn is an opportunity for personal transformation and positive social change. We are shooting interviews in Northern California during July 2009. We are looking for three different kinds of people to be interviewed and featured in the film:

1 - People who have been directly affected by the downturn and have found the crisis to be an opportunity to reassess what really matters in life and make positive changes in how they live.

If the economy has caused you to get laid off, lose your home or investments, change your living situation, make a significant career shift, struggle to make ends meet or if you are experiencing any other consequence of the economic downturn, we want to hear from you!

2 - Professionals and advocates who work in real estate, credit counseling, career counseling, mortgage lending, social services or finance and who work DIRECTLY with people who are dealing with the negative effects of the economic downturn, and who can comment on trends you are seeing in the crisis.

3 - Authors, bloggers and cultural commentators who can talk about the meaning and significance of personal transformation in times of significant social change.

If you are interested in being interviewed, please write to or leave a message at (707) 317-1476.

Describe your situation and background and why you would like to be in the film. Please provide your age and specific location in Northern California. We will contact you if we are interested in learning more about your story. Thank you!

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